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Important Message from Bill2Pay, our Credit/Debit card payment provider

Please be advised that to maintain compliance with PCI standards and security mandates, Bill2Pay is required to move our websites to TLSv1.2 (Transport Layer Security) by September 30, 2017.   As a result, users/consumers with outdated browsers after that date will not be able to access our websites.  What this means is that you and your consumers may need to update your browsers and/or operating systems. We have attached a PDF document which provides further details about this and shows which browsers and versions will be compatible.


We have done a review of our websites and the current status of traffic coming in over TLSv1.0 and we are pleased to say that the traffic is minimal; however there is some and these consumers will need to take action to continue making payments online after 9/30/17.  This change is occurring across the board and is an industry wide, far reaching move.  It is not just being pushed by PCI standards, but also the internet as a whole.  Google is also going to start demoting TLSv1.0 sites in their search algorithm.


In order to test your browser’s TLS compatibility, please click on this link:


Simply browsing to the site will show whether or not your browser can connect without TLSv1.0.  If you receive a TLS Cipher Mismatch error or TLS Version error, it is likely because your browser and/or operating system is outdated.

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