Phone: Available 8:00 to 5:00,

Monday through Friday

DMV:  (850) 838-3517

Property Tax:  (850)838-3580

Driver License: (850)584-2089

Tips for Customers Calling Our Office:

Motor Vehicle Calls

When calling regarding your vehicle record, please have the owner’s driver license number and the Florida license plate number or the VIN number ready.

Tax Calls

When seeking information about your property taxes, tangible taxes or business tax, please have your account number, address to the property, or the property owner’s name ready.


Mortgage and Title Company Calls

Before calling, please take a moment to search for the property’s information on our site. Often times, our website has the information needed. You can search the tax roll HERE.


Mail: Need to Send Us a Letter or Payment?

Mailing Address for Regular Tag, Title, Tax, and Overnight Payments

Taylor County Tax Collector's Office

PO Box 30

Perry FL 32348