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Hunting and Fishing General Information


The Tax Collector serves as an agent of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission by being the primary source for the sale and issuance of a variety of hunting and fishing licenses. The Tax Collector may designate and authorize, at his discretion, various sub-agents; such as “bait and tackle” dealers, sporting goods stores and retail outlets to sell and issue these licenses, as well.

Hunting and fishing licenses may also be purchased or renewed by telephone for an additional fee. Please call 1-888-347-4356 for information.

A valid hunting and/or fishing license must be carried on his or her person when participating in these activities (unless exempt).




The following citizens are exempt from needing a hunting/fishing license in the State of Florida:

  • Any individual who is under 16 years of age

  • Florida residents 65 years of age who can show proof of age and residency; such as a drivers license, voter registration card or Florida ID Card that is at least 6 months old.

  • Military personnel who are residents of Florida and are home on leave for a period of 30 days or less and have valid orders in their possession.

  • Florida residents who are fishing in saltwater from land, a structure fixed to land, jettison or licensed fishing pier.

  • Any individual fishing from a boat that has been issued a vessel saltwater fishing license.

  • Individuals freshwater fishing in their home county with live or natural bait, using poles or hand lines that are not equipped with reel or other line retrieval mechanisms for noncommercial purposes. (NOTE: This does not apply in Fish Management Areas)

  • Persons hunting or fishing in their county of residence on their homestead or the homestead of their spouse or minor child, or any minor child hunting on the homestead of their parent.


Hunting Licenses


  • NOTE: Persons born on or after June 1, 1975 cannot purchase a hunting license unless they show proof of successful completion of a hunter education safety course. You may contact the local Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission office at 386-758-0525 for class times.Hunting Licenses are annual permits that expire 12 months from the date of purchase: (non residents can designate start date)

    • Federal Duck Stamp $ 17.50 (Also available at Post Office)

    • Resident Annual Hunting, Fresh & Saltwater Fishing $ 48.00

    • Resident Annual Hunting $ 17.00

    • Resident Annual Hunting and Freshwater Fishing $ 32.50

    • Resident Gold Sportsman $ 100.00 (Includes hunting, freshwater fishing,saltwater fishing, management area, turkey permit, Florida waterfowl, archery, muzzle loading, snook, and crawfish permits.

    • Resident Sportsman $ 80.50 (Includes all except Saltwater Fishing, Federal Duck Stamp and Trapping migratory bird)

    • Non-Resident Annual Hunting $ 151.50

    • Non-Resident 10 day Hunting $ 46.50

    • Annual Trapping license $ 26.50

    • Management Area permit $ 26.50

    • Deer permit $ 5.00

    • Archery permit $ 5.00

    • Muzzle loading gun permit $ 5.00

    • Crossbow permit (1-Year) $ 5.00

    • Crossbow permit resident only (5-Year) $ 25.00

    • Turkey permit $ 10.00

    • Non-Resident Turkey permit $ 125.00

    • State Waterfowl or Duck permit $ 5.00

    • Migratory Bird (Coot, Rails, Woodcock, Snipe, Gallinule, Ducks & Dove) FREE

    • Resident Permanent Senior License 64 and older (includes muzzle loading gun, turkey permit, archery permit, and a Florida waterfowl permits, hunting, freshwater fishing and type I wildlife management area for $ 13.50)


  • Homestead or the homestead of their spouse or minor child, or any minor child hunting on the homestead of their parent.


Fishing Licenses


  • Resident Sportsman $80.50

  • Resident Gold Sportsman $ 100.00

  • Resident Hunting Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing $ 48.00

  • Resident Annual Fresh & Saltwater Fishing $ 32.50

  • Resident Annual Freshwater Fishing $ 17.00

  • Resident Annual Shoreline Fishing License $ FREE

  • Resident Annual Freshwater Fishing and Hunting $ 32.50

  • Nonresident Freshwater Annual Fishing $ 47.00

  • Nonresident 7 day Freshwater Fishing $ 30.00

  • Resident Annual Saltwater Fishing $ 17.00

  • Nonresident Annual Saltwater Fishing $ 47.00

  • Nonresident 7 day Saltwater Fishing $ 30.00

  • Nonresident 3 day Saltwater Fishing $ 17.00

  • Snook permit $ 10.00

  • Crawfish (Lobster) permit $ 5.00

  • Tarpon Tag $ 51.50

  • Resident Permanent Senior License 64 and older freshwater fishing, hunting, type I wildlife managment area, archery, muzzel loading gun, turkey, Florida water fowl $ 13.50


Lifetime or 5 Year Licenses


Lifetime and 5 year Hunting and Fishing licenses are available to Florida residents only. For children under 12 the parent must have the child’s social security number, birth certificate, and parent’s driver license or a copy to get a lifetime licenses.

There are now 5 year permits that you can purchase along with the 5 year license:

  • Snook Permit $ 50.00

  • Crawfish (Lobster) Permit $ 25.00

  • Management Area Permit $ 126.50

  • Deer permit $ 25.00

  • Archery Permit $ 25.00

  • Muzzle Loading Permit $ 25.00

  • Water Fowl Permit $ 25.00

  • Turkey Permit $ 50.00

  • 5 year Freshwater Fishing for those 16 to 64 years of age $ 79.00

  • 5 year Saltwater Fishing for those 16 to 64 years of age and does not include snook, crawfish or tarpon tags $ 79.00

  • 5 year Hunting for those 16 to 64 years of age and does not include management stamps, archery, muzzle loading gun, turkey and state waterfowl stamps or migratory birds $ 79.00

Lifetime Freshwater Fishing or Saltwater Fishing with Crawfish and Snook Permits:

  • 4 years old and younger $ 126.50

  • 5 years through 12 years of age $ 226.50

  • 13 years old and older $ 301.50

Lifetime Hunting with Management Area, Muzzle Loading Gun, Archery, Turkey and State Waterfowl Permits

  • 4 years old and younger $ 201.50

  • 5 years through 12 years of age $ 351.50

  • 13 years old and older $ 501.50

Lifetime Sportsman which Includes Hunting, Fresh and Saltwater Fishing, Management, Archery, Muzzle Loading Gun, Turkey, Deer, Crossbow, State Waterfowl, Crawfish and Snook Stamps. Once a lifetime permit is purchased in Florida, even if you move out of the state it is still valid for Florida.

  • 4 years old and younger $ 401.50

  • 5 years through 12 years of age $ 701.50

  • 13 years through 63 years old $ 1,001.50

Senior Citizen Hunting and Fishing License


Senior citizen hunting and fishing licenses are optional for non-commercial purposes and do not include the Federal Duck Stamp. Residents of the State of Florida age 65 or older may carry proof of their age and residency, such as a drivers license, voter registration card or Florida ID Card that is at least 6 months old in lieu of a sport license.


Disabled Person Hunting and Fishing License


A disabled person who is a resident of the State of Florida may obtain an application for a resident disability hunting and fishing license from the Tax Collector’s office.

When residency has been established the applicant must provide certification of total and permanent disability by:

  • The United States Railroad Retirement Board.

  • U.S. Veterans Administration or any branch of the United States Armed Forces.

  • State of Florida Department of Veteran’s and Community Affairs-100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran Identification Card (must have the statement total and permanent disability).

  • Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security, Division of Workers Compensation (LES Form DWC-4).

  • An order from a Judge of Compensation claims.

  • Written confirmation by the carrier providing Workers’ Compensation benefits.

  • Or documentation of current (within the last 12 months) eligibility for Disability Benefits from the Social Security Administration.

A resident disability hunting and fishing license authorizes the holder to take or attempt to take or possess freshwater fish, marine fish and game consistent with State and Federal regulations.

Holders of a disability license are exempt from permit requirements, including the no-cost migratory bird permit and from making application for most quota hunt permits to hunt on a wildlife management area.

A disability license does not allow the holder those privileges found in the commercial fishing license, commercial or state trapping license, antlerless deer permits or the federal waterfowl stamp. A disabled person wishing to participate in these activities must also acquire the required permits for each of these activities.

All disability licenses, including replacement licenses, issued after January 1, 1997, will expire five years from the date of issuance and are no longer valid if the holder moves out of the State of Florida.


photo credit: Wade Goodman

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