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A local business tax receipt is required by Taylor County for the privilege of engaging in a business, profession or occupation. Anyone providing merchandise or services to the public, even through a one-person company or home based occupation must pay a local business tax to operate. In some cases, if a business performs several functions, it may be necessary to pay more than one business tax.

If your business is located outside the city limits of Perry contact The Tax Collector’s office at 850-838-3580 or visit us at the Courthouse 2nd Floor for more information.

Within the city limits of Perry contact the City of Perry at 850-584-2721 for more information.

Before a Taylor County Local Business Tax Receipt can be issued, a business must meet all conditions required by county, state or federal agency regulations which apply to that business or occupation. Many businesses may be subject to zoning, environmental health, building, or development codes.

The local business tax is paid when the business opens and then annually July 1 – September 30. If you have any changes to be made to your existing business you must contact or come in to the main office (located at 108 N. Jefferson St) to make the changes. The tax receipt is valid through September of the following year. For new businesses, local business tax receipts are issued any time during the year. For businesses that register April 1st or later, half year fees apply. Failure to pay the local business tax subjects the owner to delinquent fees. All businesses must maintain a current local business tax receipt.

It is the responsibility of the business owner to report to the Tax Collector’s Office a change of address, name change, ownership transfer, or closing of business.


New businesses must obtain their local business tax receipt prior to engaging in their business, profession, or occupation. The amount of tax will vary according to business type. To register to pay the local business tax, telephone the Tax Collector’s Office at 850-838-3580.

The information needed to register for the local business tax includes, but is not limited to the following items:

Business name; Owner(s) or President’s Name; Mailing Address; Physical Location of Business; Telephone Number(s); Social Security or Federal ID Number; and a copy of the Fictitious Name Registration, where applicable.

For Businesses regulated by the State of Florida or County Agencies, a copy of the documents provided by the state or county, as proof of your compliance, will be required with your registration of the local business tax.


NOTE: Registered or Certified Contractors are regulated by the

            Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DPBR), (850)-487-1395.


If the business name used in your business does not include the full first name and last name of the business owner, the business name would be considered a Fictitious Name, and must be registered with the Florida Secretary of State’s Office.

NOTE: Corporations are registered with the Florida Secretary of State, for more

            information call, (850) 245-6500 or visit their website at .

            Out of State corporations must register with the Secretary of State if they intend to use

            their corporate name. For information call (850) 245-6500

Federal ID numbers are obtained from the US Internal Revenue Service, (850)402-8659.

Businesses that sell or serve food products must be inspected by either, The Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, (800)435-7352 or The Florida Division of Hotel & Restaurant Commission, (850) 487-1395. This inspection must be prior to obtaining a local business tax receipt.


To obtain a Florida Sales Tax Number, (resale number), contact the Florida Department of Revenue, (850) 488-6800.


State licensing requirements can be obtained by calling the Consumer Services Department 1-800-435-7352.

Download Application for Busines Tax Receipt

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